Double Chins, Bobbly Chins & Regressive Chins

The shape of your chin plays an important part in your perceived attractiveness, and just like everything else in our body your chin changes as you age.

Chin augmentation

As you age your bone and soft tissue supporting your chin reduces, and your skull can rotate, causing your chin to move backwards - which is called a recessive chin.
Recessive chins can be corrected using dermal fillers to reshape and augment your chin  without surgery. Dermal fillers can be used to soften chins, lengthen chins, square chins or make them more pointy. 
Before and after image of chin augmentation using dermal fillers


Bobbly chin

The appearance of a "Bobbly Chin" can be caused by an overactive mentalis muscle. The condition may be more obvious when you speak - with the dimpling standing out on certain movements.
Example of boobly chin treatment using Botox
The mentalis is a muscle pair on the tip of the chin that helps control the movement of the lower lip. Through the careful placement of anti-wrinkle injections, your mentalis muscle can be calmed and relaxed to smooth out the "bobbly" appearance.
We can treat a bobbly chin using injection treatments and if necessary dermal fillers to restore a smooth contoured chin.

Double chin

If you’ve spent hours in the gym, and watched what you eat, a double chin that you simply can’t shift can be demoralising. Especially as it's hard to hide.

It’s probably little comfort to know that it is most likely down to your genes and the way your body lays down fat. It’s also why even when you’ve reached your target weight, that fat is so impossible to shed.

The good news is we can reduce your double chin permanently using Aqualyx, which is an injectable treatment that dissolves fat cells and once they are gone they can't come back to that area.


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