Hand Rejuvenation for Ageing Hands

If your hands giveaway your age or appear much older than your true age - fear not! You can rejuvenate your hands with dermal filler and laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

The cause of this accelerated ageing is that your hands are exposed to the sun and environmental factors more frequently than any other part of your body, which makes them more susceptible to sun damage.

Ageing diminishes the plump layer of tissue on the back of your hands allowing veins and tendons to become more visible. In addition, the skin on your hands thins allowing the sun damage to appear as pigmentation and age spots.

Ellansé dermal filler treatment

Ellansé is a dermal filler and collagen stimulator which can restore the plump layer on the back of your hand to obscure or soften the appearance of your veins and tendons and thus dramatically restore a youthful fullness.

This procedure literally converts older looking hands to younger looking hands in minutes with instant results from Ellansé dermal filler properties. But then the results continue to improve for up to 18 months as your own natural collagen is stimulated.

A local anaesthetic is built into the Ellansé to ensure comfort and the treatment takes 45 mins to inject both hands.

Hand rejuvenation before image

Hand rejuvenation with fillers

IPL and Laser skin rejuvenation

There is little point in softening the appearance of veins and tendons on your hands - if age spots and pigmentation continue to give away your age.

IPL skin rejuvenation is a quick and easy way to treat pigmentation on your hands and restore an even skin tone to complete the hand rejuvenation process. For deeper age spots, laser treatments are more effective and your practitioner will advise you on the best combination for you at your consultation.

Below are before and after photos after IPL treatments.

Hand rejuvenation with IPL treatments

Bingo Wings

Once you have beautiful hands don’t forget your arms. "Bingo Wings" are the jiggle on the back of your arms and the roll that appears when you sit down. Most infuriatingly they wobble when you walk!

When you are young "bingo wings" are inevitably caused by fat - so a healthy diet and exercise that focuses on tricep dips, extensions and push downs will significantly improve their appearance.

As you age these exercises become more difficult and the problem is compounded by your skin becoming saggy and loose. As a result many women start to wear clothing that covers their arms and stop wearing fitted shirts or sleeveless dresses.

We can help reduce fat on your arms whilst firming and tightening your skin to restore more slender arms with cryolipolysis and radiofrequency treatments.

Price for hand rejuvenation
Both hands from £
Ellanse treatment  500
IPL or laser treatment 79
Consultation 25


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