Inch Loss Body Sculpting

Our Inch Loss treatment uses ultrasound technology to destroy fat cells and radiofrequency to firm and tighten skin. It can be used to treat tummies, bums, arms and thighs.
The Inch Loss treatment is suitable for healthy, active people who want to reduce those last few stubborn inches they can't shift with diet and exercise.
It can also help people, who after a weight-loss programme are left with loose, saggy skin. It does this by the cavitation destroying any remaining fatty lumpiness whilst the radiofrequency tightens the skin thus reducing rippling skin and smoothing dimples. It is not a treatment for obesity.

Inch Loss benefits

You will see immediate results after each treatment, which is great for maintaining motivation and inspiration. However, the initial post treatment results will reduce over 1-2 weeks, but with each repeat treatment the long term results develop and improve. You will need a course of 6 treatments, with each treatment spaced 2-3 weeks apart.
The final results will start to show 3-6 months and are long-lasting, provided you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can optimise your results by staying active, eating a low calorie diet and drink lots of water.
Its dual action of fat reduction and skin tightening mean you won't end up with saggy wrinkly skin once you've lost those inches. It is a comfortable and relaxing treatment which has no downtime.
Inch Loss can be used in combination with CoolSculpting to contour wider areas of the body where pockets of fat have already been reduced by CoolSculpting.

How our inch loss treatment works?

The treatment uses ultrasound and radiofrequency and last 60 minutes.
Ultrasound targets the fat cells by breaking down their outer walls, so that they dissipate into the body which then eliminates them naturally.
Radiofrequency stimulates collagen production to tightening the skin as you lose the inches - this process is gradual and it takes several weeks to see the optimum results.

Vanessa discuss how FAB Inch Loss complimented her gym routine to help remove stubborn areas of fat.

What is involved in a treatment?

You should avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol for 72 hours either-side of the treatment to assist with the detoxifying and fat removal process.

During cavitation you may experience a temporary tingling sensation in your skin and a high pitched sound in your ear. During the radiofrequency your treated skin will become warm and red which feels similar to a hot stone massage. After treatment all sensations will disappear in 1-2 hours.

We recommend that you avoid anti-inflammatory medications e.g Ibuprofen for 4-5 days as these counteract the treatment.

Post treatment you should avoid for 48 hours swimming pools, spas, saunas and extreme temperatures. A common side affect of the treatment is that you dehydrated and thirsty which you can solve by simply drinking water.



How do I find out if this treatment is suitable for me?
Arrange a 30 minute consultation with our team - who will examine your concern, check your medical history and then recommend an appropriate treatment plan whilst explaining the cost and any associated risks.
All consultations are conducted by doctors, nurses and laser aestheticians and cost £25, so you will never be seen or pressurised by sales staff - as we do not employ them.
Call 0131 226 9610 to book your consultation or click here to request a call back.
How to do I check that Face & Body is a safe and professional treatment provider?

Face & Body is annually inspected by Healthcare Improvement Scotland who regulate independent hospitals, hospices and clinics in Scotland. The inspections examine our team, treatments and clinical environment, so that you have the invaluable assurance that you are in safe hands that use safe products in a safe environment.

We are also accredited with Save Face who independently check and verify patient feedback, which they publish on their website, so you can read exactly what past patients feel about our service.


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