Laser Hair Removal for all Skin Types

If you want to achieve more than 80% hair reduction in just 6 treatments then our Candela GentleMax Pro laser, which treats ALL skin types, is for you.
Why constantly wax, tweeze or shave when you could be hair free for the rest of your life saving time and money?

Hair Free in 3 Step Process

1. Test Patch & Consultation

Your journey to smooth hair free skin starts with a consultation and test patch to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.
Laser experts for consultation

2. Treatments

Next are 6 laser treatments 4-6 weeks apart which matches the cycle of your hair growth to ensure the maximum number of hair follicles are treated.

laser ahir removal treatment

3. Review

After 6 treatments a review with your aesthetician to discuss your results and see if any grey or very blonde hairs need mopping up.

Laser treatment review with expert


We deliver a high quality with transparent pricing you can trust. Popular treatments are below, but you can discuss other areas at your consultation. When treating the bikini area any style including hollywood is the same price.

  Anyone of the following
Single Session Price
Woman: face or bikini (any style) or underarms
Men: beard shaping and back of neck
Woman: upper or lower legs or bikini and underarms
Men: full face and neck or back and shoulders
Women: lower or upper legs with bikini and underarms
Men: balding head or back, shoulders and upper arms
Women: full legs and bikini 
Men: back, shoulders and full arms
Women: full legs, bikini and underarms
Men: full torso and upper arms
TP Test Patch & Consultation £25

Pay as you go or purchase a course which are priced at 6 sessions for the price of 5. 

The cost of your test patch is redeemable against any course purchased on the same day. If you have an adverse reaction to the test patch and cannot proceed with treatment we will refund the purchased course.

Popular female hair removal areas

Popular laser hair removal areas for a woman


Why choose us?

Our powerful GentleMax Pro Alexandrite and Nd-YAG lasers safely treat ALL skin types including Asian and Afro-caribbean skin. 
Our dedicated air-conditioned laser room and dynamic laser cooling system makes your treatment more comfortable and safer.

Our lasers can treat all hair colours except white and grey which can be removed by electrolysis treatments, so you can achieve total hair removal.
As the laser hair removal service provider for NHS Lothian you can have trust in our highly quality and standards.
To book your test patch call 0131 226 9610

What to expect during your treatment

After a laser treatment most clients go straight back to work or their social engagements. Your treated area will feel warm, look red and be sensitive to touch, but this will resolve in 24 hours and your practitioner will give you a pot of Aloe Vera gel to soothe your skin.

You should use SPF50 sun protection on the treated area and avoid exposing it to strong direct sunlight inbetween treatments. We recommend you, avoid for 48 hours, using swimming pools, spas and saunas or placing on the treated area any skin sensitisers, such as perfume, alcohol, acid based skin care or jewellery that may rub.

During your course you can shave, but you should not wax or tweeze your hair as these actions remove the roots of hair follicles which are needed for the laser to be effective.

Hair reduction will begin immediately, but will become more noticeable after your third treatment.  

Hair follicles that have been destroyed by the laser light will not regrow, however a few hairs whose growth cycle did not match your treatment sessions may reappear and these are easily treated in a single session.

Download aftercare instructions

Male hair removal

Hair removal and beard shaping is very popular with men. Our male clients particularly like the unisex environment of our clinic rather than feeling awkward in a beauty salon.

Popular laser hair removal treatments for men



Laser hair removal for men who don't want a beard.


Lawrence had a dark growth resulting in an early six o'clock shadow he didn't want - he talks about losing the beard for good.
Carol Smillie talks about Sclerotherapy & laser hair removal treatments

Carol Smillie

TV Personality Carol Smillie talks about Sclerotherapy & laser hair removal treatments that helped her achieve hair & vein free legs.


Which is better Laser or IPL hair removal?

The essential difference is that IPL uses a broad spectrum of high-intensity light, which is emitted at multiple wavelengths, whereas laser emits a single, focused and precise wavelength that's optimised for maximum follicle absorption. Therefore IPL hurts more and is less effective in an individual session which means you require more IPL treatments to achieve the same result as a laser and have to endure more discomfort.

Which is better laser or electrolysis hair removal?
Electrolysis can remove 100% of all hair follicles of every colour, but it is slow and uncomfortable. The laser is up to 60 times faster in treating large areas, is far more comfortable and is more reliable in ensuring no hair follicles are missed. Due to the time required to treat large areas with electrolysis it generally works out more expensive. So electrolysis is best used for white and grey hairs over small areas, which cannot be treated by the laser.

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