Lip fillers for beautiful natural looking results

Beautiful full lips convey real warmth and sexuality. They are so expressive, and when someone is genuinely pleased to see you, they flush and become fuller and darker. They show that sensuality and warmth that we all look out for in a partner.
Thinning lips and lines around the mouth are sadly an almost inevitable consequence of getting older. Using dermal fillers we can recreate structure, shape and softness to restore your lips to their youthful natural look.

What can lip fillers achieve?

When it comes to your lips, size really does matter. We've all read the media stories mocking celebs on the exaggerated look of their lips - ‘trout pouts’.
We believe that a natural look is always best, so we never use lip fillers to over enlarge lips. We examine the whole of your face to make sure that we keep your lips in proportion with the rest of your features. We’ll keep the balance right by keeping the upper lip smaller than the lower lip to ensure you retain that all important natural look.

Lip augmentation
If you desire fuller lips or just want to balance an irregularity, we can help you change as much or as little as you like.

Lip fillers can create lip volume

Cupid’s bow
Not everyone wants fuller lips. Maybe you just want a more defined cupid’s bow to define your upper lip.

Lip fillers can enhance the cupid's bow

Lip line
Your natural vermilion lip line begins to soften and fade in your 30s, which ages your appearance. Lip fillers can be used to redefine your lip line to restore more a youthful yet incredibly natural look.

Lip fillers can restore the lip line

Lipstick lines
Lipstick lines, which cause your lipstick to ‘feather’, concern most women as they age. Deep lipstick lines are best treated with fillers, while superficial lines can be treated with EndyMed FSR.

Lip fillers can soften lines on the upper lip



What is involved in a lip filler treatment?

You must have a consultation, with a doctor or nurse, prior to booking a treatment to determine if lip fillers are appropriate for your concern, which takes 30 mins and costs £25.

For your comfort we will numb your lips, before treatment, using either an anaesthetic injection or cream. Our highly skilled experts, wherever possible, use cannulas to perform lip filler treatments to reduce discomfort and post treatment swelling whilst achieving better results. Your treatment will take 30-45 mins. 

After treatment your lips may be swollen and you must allow 10 days to pass for all the swelling to resolve, before the results can be judged. Your treatment includes a complimentary review between 14-21 days where any adjustments to achieve the outcome agreed in consultation will be made at no extra charge. Your results should last between 9-18 months depending on your choice of lip filler.

How safe are dermal filler treatments?

We only use approved and regulated dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero which have an excellent safety record and are FDA approved. Like all medical procedures risks are associated with the treatment and aftercare instructions must be followed. To find out more about dermal fillers and their aftercare instructions visit the dermal filler treatment page.




Catherine talks about her treatments to lift her brows.


Catherine has injections to lift her brows and reduce lines around her mouth.
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Pat softens the lines around her mouth, treats her bruxism and reduce muscle bulk on the jaw line.

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